Playing Soccer for Beginners
How to Play Soccer for Beginners

Playing soccer for beginners or how to play soccer for beginners is simply learning to play soccer using the right technique... skill is developed with repetition, and the right skill is developed by correct technique repetition :)

Soccer is a very fun game that is good for the overall health because of such intense workout including various running speeds and resistance from the opposing players.

Playing soccer will keep any person fit and in great shape with nicely toned muscles with training and hard work ethic in practice.

How to play soccer for kids or youth soccer players I answer with one most important factor in developing youth soccer players.

Youth soccer players just starting out to play soccer should be taught the game using the right and correct soccer technique for different parts of the game, while having as much fun as possible doing it.

Staying away from the complicated soccer drills and the large soccer field, instead focusing on developing youth soccer players passion for this game is the most important part in the early ages of every soccer player.

Playing in small sided games will enable the youth players to have a lot more touches on the ball meaning that the player will be involved in the game a whole lot more, than if they are playing on a large 11vs11 field; where the space is too big for the youth players to cover, causing very few touches on the ball and kids losing interest in playing the game.

Basics on playing soccer for beginners are running properly and kicking the soccer ball using the right technique, so that the player will develop passing and shooting soccer fundamentals of how to play soccer.

Juggling the soccer ball is one very important exercise for developing youth soccer players, because it’s a lot of fun and it works on almost every aspect of the soccer game; including trapping, passing, shooting air balls etc.

Juggling the soccer ball is the most basic way to learn how to play soccer for beginner soccer players, developing foot/eye coordination and the touch on the ball so that the player has the feel on how hard to kick the ball for that pass or a shot on goal.

Simple passing soccer where the players let the soccer ball do the work by passing the ball around is the hardest way to play soccer because players love to hold the ball and have more touches on it than really needed... after all dribbling is where the fun is :D

Playing soccer for beginners or youth soccer players should be focused around building the passion for the game through playing small sided games and juggling the soccer ball, which can be done on your own or with a friend by simply keeping the soccer ball in the air as long as possible.

Some of the basic soccer fundamentals for playing soccer for beginners are:

  • Passing the soccer ball with the inside of the foot while making sure that the ankle of the passing foot is locked, and that the toes are pointing up.
  • The opposite foot should be placed next to the ball and pointing in the direction of the desired pass or shot.
  • Every pass should be done by following through with the kicking foot, going through the ball when kicking it.
  • Players need to develop their vision and this is best done by having the head up and looking for an open pass as much as possible, avoiding looking down at the soccer ball when the ball is in your control as much as possible.
  • Finding a wall or using one of those rebound net goals is a great way to learn how to play soccer if you are on your own, otherwise call some friends, set up 2 goals using anything to mark the goal posts, split into 2 teams and start playing soccer :)
  • Keep in mind that leaning back when striking the soccer ball will make the ball go higher up in the air while leaning over the soccer ball when kicking the ball will make it go on the ground or waist high.

My playing soccer for beginners tip for any player is to keep the eyes on the ball when kicking it.

Looking at the ball will ensure that your body comes over the ball creating the right technique for accuracy of the shot or pass on the ground or waist high depending where you kick the ball.

  • Juggling the soccer ball will develop the players trapping and receiving soccer ball skills so that the player is comfortable with receiving the ball and getting it under control when its game time.
  • Players always have a lot more control kicking the soccer ball with the inside of the foot with increased accuracy but loosing on power, while kicking with the laces part of the foot will not have as much control but it will improve the power of the kick.
  • Playing soccer can be done using any part of the body to control the ball except arms (goalkeeper is the exception).
  • The whole point of the game is to score more goals than the other team by kicking the ball inside the goal posts of the opposing team.

Have fun and keep playing :)

Skills are developed through years of practice and repetition so don’t get discouraged, instead work hard, play hard and the skills will follow :)

I hope you find this Playing Soccer for Beginners article helpful in teaching you how to play soccer for kids or beginner soccer players.

Please leave comments and feedback in the form below.

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