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Soccer Maniak FC
Youth Player Development

Player Fees

Here is the breakdown of the fees for player membership.

The fee will provide players with at least 12 training sessions per month that are 1.5 hours long.

Players will learn about soccer history, world cup, positive soccer mentality and exercises they can do on their own to get better at soccer.

Players will walk away after every practice with a smile on their face and a physical activity that will sharpen their body and mind.

Club Fee - $(monthly)

This fee will cover the cost for running Soccer Maniak FC which include maintaining our website and office, administrative costs, marketing, fields and other associated club running costs.

Coaching Fee - $ (monthly)

Coaching fee guarantees that the Coaches will be hand picked by the Board of Directors and that every Coach is on the same page following the same Soccer Maniak Player Development Program.

Every Coach will be skilled and able to demonstrate every soccer exercise that the players are asked to do.

Training Uniform - $ (yearly)

Players can choose their favorite soccer club jersey and shorts.

Choices include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal etc..

Players are required to wear their soccer uniform to practice and games.


  • Additional uniforms are available for $49.99 if buying a single set. 
  • Indoor facility fees (for indoor training during winter determined by Club).
  • Indoor soccer leagues/ Futsal league fees (determined by Club)
  • Tournament fees (est. $25 – $100/player) determined by tournament attended
  • Tournament Coach’s Fee (determined by Club)

All of these are optional and will be discussed before entering any league or tournament.


“Simple, Technical Soccer.

Learn how to play with your brain, Run Little but Run Smart."

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