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Soccer Maniak FC
Player Development Academy


Soccer Maniak Player Development is a non-profit organization focused on developing young soccer players with the correct soccer fundamentals that they will use throughout their playing career.

We will strive to provide the technical training that all great players learn in street soccer or pick up games.

Our goal is to start with U8, U9 and U10 age group players who will train and play this game in an organized professional setting.

The players will have the opportunity to grow with the club and represent The Club in different team competitions.

We are all about TECHNICAL part of the game which is skipped by many young players as they grow into young adults.


To teach every academy player how to run properly using the arms and proper body shape to obtain the best balance and running speed.

To familiarize young soccer players with the soccer ball through constant contact with the ball using different parts of both feet.

Winning at this age is not important, good play and creativity on the soccer field is.

Our long term goal is to build a reputable soccer academy that will produce quality players with the correct soccer foundation in order for them to keep improving as players.

This club will represent FAMILY.

We will want to train and retain all players and guide them towards simple, correct way of soccer.

All of the players that grow up with the club are sure to develop life long friendships and memories with teammates and other club members.

Our motto is:


“Simple, Technical Soccer.

Learn how to play with your brain, Run Little but Run Smart."

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