How to Watch Soccer Live

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How to Watch Soccer Live - Introduction

If you have Cable or Satellite simply turn on the TV and switch to one of many soccer channels available right now.

BeinSport and Fox Soccer Channel currently cover all the major soccer leagues in the world including Spanish La Liga, Barclays Premier League, Italian Seria A and others.

All the important leagues and games are covered by these TV networks with a pre game show usually taking place before the game.  

On occasion, there will be a soccer match that you want to watch but isn't available on any of these major TV networks so your only other option will be to use the world wide web or the internet :)

Finding soccer games can be tough in the beginning, unless you already know where to look for free live soccer streams. is one of the websites that provides all the soccer games and leagues free of charge.

Finding good websites may take a little time researching and once you do come across a good website with free soccer streams live, bookmark it for easy access later.

Hardest part in watching anything online for free are the annoying ads that come with it, sometimes freezing your computer because of all the pop ups on your computer screen.

Another thing that I have noticed when searching for free soccer games online, is that most of them say they are free, until you get to the stream to find it blocked with a survey or registration.

Finding how to watch soccer live and for free without the annoying registration or surveys can prove to be quite a task, especially when looking for a game as it is about to begin.

I personally hate missing the first 15 minutes of the game trying to find the right live soccer stream without the annoyance of surveys, registration or annoying pop up ads.

How to Watch Soccer Live - FOR FREE

Follow these steps to stop the annoying pop up ads and watch the games in peace. 

  1. First step in how to watch soccer live is to DOWNLOAD the newest FIREFOX browser to your laptop or computer.
  2. Open the FIREFOX browser and click on the FIREFOX TAB in the top left corner.
  3. Click on ADDONS and another window will open up. 
  4. In the left column there will be some tabs and you will want to click on GET ADDONS.
  5. This will open another window where you can search for ADDONS for Firefox.

You will want to search and install the following ADDONS for free:


Installing these Firefox Addons will make sure that all the annoying pop up ads are blocked and all you have to do is click on the stream to watch the game.

Here are some free resources for how to watch soccer live for free.

To search for the game yourself go on Google and type in what teams are playing, date, and live stream.

For example to find a website with Barcelona vs Real Madrid game played on March 23th, 2014 you will want to Google:

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 3/23/2014 or Barcelona Real Madrid 3/23/14 etc…

Just play with the keywords that you are trying to search for.

I hope you learned a little something from this article on how to find live soccer matches.

Please remember to come back and share any good soccer websites that offer no hassle free live streams.

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